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What’s our deal?

The Creators is a blog all about people who make “Cool Stuff”. We want to find rad people making awesome things, from professionals building cars, trains, planes and boats, jewellers, glass-blowers, woodworkers, and even hobbyists who just love to tinker with random projects.

We want to tell their stories, so if you know anybody toiling away on a cool project please get in touch as we’d love to hear about it. You can reach us here, on Facebook ( or Instagram (

We are going to be uploading fresh content each week (more if we can get hold of it!) and we are looking forward to bringing you some cool tech how-tos in the near future. From welding to panel forming, fabric work, woodworking, and more, we’re going to talk to the gun craftsmen (and women) and pass their knowledge on to you guys.

Hopefully this will help you guys #BuildRadStuff!