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Creating quality content


My name is Iain Kelly and I have been working in automotive media since 2002, across a variety of titles, including SPEED magazine, Street Machine, Auto Salon, MOTOR magazine, Forged magazine, Freestyle Rides, and more.

On top of supplying content to the above titles, I have also acted as Editor for both MOTOR, and Street Machine’s LSX Tuner special editions. This requires me to have an in-depth knowledge of the markets these titles occupy, giving unrivalled insight on how to speak directly to stakeholders and consumers.

A career highlight has been my collaborations with Mighty Car Mods, including assisting on builds and co-authoring their book, The Cars of Mighty Car Mods.

I have also developed high-quality content for specialised outlets, including Toyota’s Driver’s World, Toyota Racing Development, Hankook tyres, and more, from both agency and client perspectives.

Why should you care about any of this? Because I specialise in creating engaging, educational and entertaining content that automotive enthusiasts of all demographics will respond to.

I know the automotive enthusiast market because I have been an automotive enthusiast my whole life. My friends are the same, and so is my family.