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Something from nothing – hand-made 1961 Formula One Ferraris

Even though they won the 1961 Formula One Driver’s and Constructor’s titles, no examples of Ferrari‘s 156 “shark nose” Formula One racer survive. None, zero, zilch.

So what happens if you want one? You get Roach Manufacturing Ltd from the UK to hand build a pair of recreations!

Steve Partimer and his crew spent years putting these two, hand-made recreations of one of Enzo Ferrari’s most legendary racing cars together.

How fitting they were unveiled at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. Phil Hill would be proud.

All photos courtesy of Roach Manufacturing Ltd.19264663_1874870356170987_2180255177626006538_o








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G'day guys, my name is Iain but most people know me as "Marv", mainly because it is easier than explaining why my parents spelled "Ian" with two i's. I'm a journalist from Sydney, Australia who loves cars, dogs, making "things" and spinning yarns. The real thrill for me, however, is the story behind the object or person. I have a background in automotive journalism across vehicles new and old, stock, modified, and hand-built, and I love the whole process of making magazines. I am also a fan of diving into history and discovering the amazing things humans have done in the past. This blog will tell the tales of rad people who make cool stuff.

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