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INSPIRE – the best hobbyist garage ever?

If you’re following a page like The Creators Online it is a safe bet to say you enjoy having a space where you can Build Rad Stuff – a garage, shed, workshop, or even a small timber hut on the side of an active volcano. We cherish our creative space and there isn’t much better than when you come across someone else’s killer space and it feeds you new ideas for your own shop.



This is why Californian hobbyist Jack Olson hit a mild case of celebrity when he started a thread on his mid-Century two-car garage on THE GARAGE JOURNAL, as it blew peoples’ minds all over the globe.

While it is nowhere near the biggest or most epic set-up on The Garage Journal, the use of space, simple and functional design (that has a killer aesthetic), plus Jack’s own down to earth nature and ability as a talented craftsman means it resonated as an inspiration to hobbyists everywhere (your writer, included).



The garage is just like his Porsche 911, which has to do multiple jobs as a street car, race car, weekend toy and reliable transport. Both the garage and car rely on Jack’s ability to design solutions for the compromise required for each set-up. Plus, they look damn cool.

Such was the following Jack actually created a standalone website for people to follow along the projects and progress of his garage. You can follow it HERE.

If you want to read Jack’s entire build thread on Garage Journal (where it all started), click HERE.

The guys at PETROLICIOUS did a great interview with Jack some time ago, which you can read HERE – and see their photos below showing the genius behind Jack’s garage design.






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G'day guys, my name is Iain but most people know me as "Marv", mainly because it is easier than explaining why my parents spelled "Ian" with two i's. I'm a journalist from Sydney, Australia who loves cars, dogs, making "things" and spinning yarns. The real thrill for me, however, is the story behind the object or person. I have a background in automotive journalism across vehicles new and old, stock, modified, and hand-built, and I love the whole process of making magazines. I am also a fan of diving into history and discovering the amazing things humans have done in the past. This blog will tell the tales of rad people who make cool stuff.

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