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Kill Ferris (oxide)

Rust. If you work with metal that one word is enough to make you shudder. The old saying goes that rust never sleeps, meaning that unless you cut it all out and replace it with fresh tin, you will never not have problems with ferrous oxide infecting your steel.

Thankfully there are products on the market today that neutralise the advancing march of rust, chemically altering its makeup and sealing the pitted areas. However, sometimes a piece of metal is just too far gone to be saved and, like a gangrenous wound, it has to be cut off and replaced.

Luckily, unlike a human limb, we can actually stitch fresh metal in place – so long as you match the type of metal correctly, ensure it is clean, and have your welder set to the right heat and wire speed.

Keep an eye out for us sitting down and chatting through all these points with access to some absolute masters in this field. For now, enjoy the pictorial journey of cutting rust out of the front guard on my 1964 Pontiac Bonneville, courtesy of United Speed Shop in Newcastle, Australia – | IMG_2731IMG_2743IMG_2764IMG_2732IMG_2730IMG_2728IMG_2746IMG_2742

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G'day guys, my name is Iain but most people know me as "Marv", mainly because it is easier than explaining why my parents spelled "Ian" with two i's. I'm a journalist from Sydney, Australia who loves cars, dogs, making "things" and spinning yarns. The real thrill for me, however, is the story behind the object or person. I have a background in automotive journalism across vehicles new and old, stock, modified, and hand-built, and I love the whole process of making magazines. I am also a fan of diving into history and discovering the amazing things humans have done in the past. This blog will tell the tales of rad people who make cool stuff.

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