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Barge Garage – my obsession with full size US classic cars


One of my side projects is documenting the restoration and modification of my 1964 Pontiac Bonneville, for which I started another website, Land Barge Garage

Many of these stories will end up in magazines or on other websites, but I will be going into far more detail on my blog, delving into history and deep tech that print wordcounts simply cannot sustain.


Iain "Marv" Kelly View All

G'day guys, my name is Iain but most people know me as "Marv", mainly because it is easier than explaining why my parents spelled "Ian" with two i's. I'm a journalist from Sydney, Australia who loves cars, dogs, making "things" and spinning yarns. Barge Garage is a blog page where I will detail the adventures I've had while building my 1964 Pontiac, while The Creators Online is taking a holiday as I relaunch it, moving it from a blog to a page about my writing business.

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